Nashville Guitar Immersion Experience (Half-Day) Gift Card

Nashville Guitar Immersion Experience (Half-Day) Gift Card

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Looking for a unique & thoughtful gift? Get a gift card that can be used towards a master class in-person guitar lesson with Guthrie. Simply purchase the gift card and when you're ready to book the lesson, email

Half-Day Guitar Immersion Experience is $1312.50 (5% transaction fee included). 

From Guthrie: 

There’s not a day that goes by in Nashville that I don’t experience many different adventures! After living in Music City for over 20 years, I know my way around like the back of my hand and all the best places to eat, drink and listen to music. As well as a full cast of characters I’m around on a daily basis.

This is a half-day spent with me mirroring my exciting daily life in Nashville. We meet at 11AM to have coffee and breakfast, get to know each other, and talk all things music. Then we do two hours of deep-dive guitar lessons. We have lunch and then do a whirlwind tour of Nashville. 11am – 4pm (approx)

*Food and beverage not included in fee*

Half and full-day “Nashville Guitar Immersion Experiences” come with a 30-minute phone call consultation prior to confirming.